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My Top 7 Healthy BBQ Tips

Summer is here and the BBQs are out! But they can be difficult to navigate though - often BBQs mean burgers, sausages and a white bap. Let’s not forget the crisps, coleslaw, condiments…

There are some simple ways to tweak your choices and still really enjoy it all!

Here are my best useful tips;

Serve Healthier Nibbles

Let’s be real - often we don’t even think about what we put in our mouths at the beginning of a BBQ. We’re chatting and having a laugh, so this is an easy one to tweak.

Instead of the crisps, plate up a beautiful variety of olives and nuts. Delicious and so easy to pick at.

If you enjoy a dip then choose hummus or guacamole. Cut up carrots or celery sticks instead of crisps.

Swap Out (some of) The Burgers And Sausages

There’s such focus on meat in a bap that we tend to forget that there are alternatives. Why not marinade some cut up chicken and put them on a skewer, alternate with some onion and peppers. Salmon works well on a skewer too!

If you would like some burgers, then try to make the patty yourself (mince meat, breadcrumbs, egg, chopped onion, salt & pepper). This way you can control the type of mince (butcher bought is best) as well as all the other ingredients that tend to go into the shop bought version...

As for meat in general, a general rule is to buy as good meat as you can afford. If organic is too steep then go for grass fed or free range.

NOTE: When you cook over smoke and flames, this can create carcinogens (cancer causing substances). Don’t burn food, instead aim to cook for longer over a lower heat.

Don’t Forget The Vegetables

When we plan a BBQ we tend to be so focused on the meats that we often miss out on delicious barbecued vegetables. Peppers, aubergine, mushroom and courgette work well, cut into similar sized pieces and cooked on skewers.

Corn on the cob works well too!

Condiments & Sauces

This is where things can go downhill... The traditional ones you find in most supermarkets are high in sugar and refined oils. Luckily there are some better alternatives, try Dr Wills or Hunter and Gather. They have so many delicious versions that I’m sure you will enjoy!

Also, many meats and fish can be marinated in herbs, spices and citrus fruit zests combined with olive oil for flavour which will reduce your need for sauces.

Jazz Up Your Salads

Let’s look beyond the limp lettuce and cucumber salad. Think colour! What colour can we add to this? Different coloured lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and radishes. These are easy to find in the regular supermarkets.

Add some walnuts, pine nuts or pumpkin seeds. Don’t forget the fresh herbs, mint and basil.

Why not add some cut up mango or strawberries? A salad doesn’t only need to contain vegetables.

Fruit For Dessert

Who would have known it but sliced up fresh pineapple is delicious barbecued!

Or if you prefer something refreshing, then chop up some fresh fruits and serve it with yoghurt and a sprinkle of cacao nibs or shaved 70% dark chocolate.

Rethink Your Drink

These days there are so many tasty, refreshing (and grown-up…) alcohol free drinks on the market. Treat them the same! Pour it in a beautiful glass, add some ice and sit back.

Even if you like to enjoy the odd glass of wine, it’s a good idea to alternate with an alcohol free drink. Keep a pitcher of infused water handy - lemon, mint, cucumber, grapefruit slices with lots and lots of ice.



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