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Hi, I'm Gabriella

I'm a nutritionist and a busy mum.

I help women over 40 who are struggling with exhaustion and overwhelm by balancing their hormones naturally.

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I used to feel tired ALL THE TIME and I didn't know what to do about it. I was in my 40s and I thought I did everything right, but I constantly felt exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed. 


I discovered the world of nutrition, how effective food and lifestyle could be, and this made a huge difference to my energy levels!

I retrained to become a Nutritionist, specialising in exhausted women over 40. I teach women how they can repair the hormones that cause them to feel exhausted without having to give up on everything they love, or go on the latest fad diet!

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If you are an Exhausted Woman over 40,
you are not alone

I run a 12-week online group program where you get regular nutrition & lifestyle support from me and from a fantastic group of women who are going through exactly the same thing.

This regular support is, in my experience, invaluable because the number one reason why women fail is that you don’t have regular support; you feel alone and like nobody understands what you’re going through.

Each week, as you go through all the modules of the program step-by-step, you’re changing one thing at a time, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll be able to really establish those new habits one by one, in your own time.

This is not a quick fix, or a band-aid solution. We dig deep and deal with the root cause and fix that, together.

If this resonates with you, contact me to see how you could benefit from balancing your hormones

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Make nutrition work for YOU


Jayne - Kent

"I would say to anyone thinking of using Gabriella: Just do it!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, knowledge is power and once you understand how your body reacts to food and what will satisfy it, you can balance your diet."

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